for 2017 we have done something a little different. You can now order our great looking new kits in the style, cut and performance level you want! We have done our design with and they have a great online store option. Our online store is open for two weeks at a time, and then at the end of the two weeks the products ship to whomever ordered during that period. You will have your new kits in two weeks from that date! No waiting 4 to 6 weeks. The fits range from a loose Fondo style jersey to the high end Nova race cut, but all styles come in both a slim or standard fit. (Slim is for those super slim racer people, most of us go with the standard cut.)

There is an option for shorts or bibs, men's and women's, along with arm warmers, vests, skin suites and a casual polo style shirt if you want to show your BR pride.

Just go to and pick out your pieces!

Show up to the shop in the kit and we will put you down for 10% off all purchases for the year! **Bikes, and electronics not included.